One too many times I can almost guarantee that someone has said to you, “You need to give yourself some love” and I can also guarantee that you’ve cringed or ignored that comment that’s been said to you.

In today’s world soo many individuals are so focused on trying to make others happy, and unfortunately not in a selfless way either – whether that be friends, family, partners or even people on social media… we portray a particular outer shell of ourselves that we THINK is going to better the opinion of one of these people, SO much to the point you forget to show yourself some love, losing ourselves in who we’re TRYING to be, getting lost in the fake (harsh but true) disguise we display just because we want to feel accepted.

Let me just say, this isn’t ‘BAD’ and it doesn’t make you a ‘BAD PERSON’, actually the opposite, but in fact your respect and love comes from the people who really give a sh*t about you when you can just genuinely be yourself. The ones that matter will come out on top trust me, and the ones that don’t (even if it is your other half) won’t. Better out happier sooner rather than later right?

Are you genuinely happy? Are you being true to yourself? Do you go to sleep at night peaceful or do you wake up stressed? Step back and think about it… it’s hard to think about sometimes..

Oh and, well done if you’re still reading this by the way. You’ve passed the denial stage that a lot of us fail at. This is a huge step towards self love – accepting and taking action, and I commend you for that.

There are so many little things that you can do to give your mind, soul and body some happiness and LOVE, take yourself on a date, nourish yourself, spoil yourself, learn new skills by yourself and with yourself and more importantly express yourself.

Buy that jacket that you love, have that hot bath with a hair mask, listen to your favourite song on repeat while dancing around the room, hit the gym and spend some time getting active. Work out what is right for you.

Self-love then follows by pure happiness which can only be found from within, and only when you learn to really really love yourself. I can assure you that you will begin to see things around you from a different perspective. The dust starts to settle, the anxiety lowers, the trauma takes a back seat, the other thinking is a little clearer and your mental state is calm.

Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first before you fall in love with anybody else!! Live your life with a purpose and feel the happiness and excitement once you’ve achieved what you were aiming for.

“How you love yourself, is the standard you are setting for someone who may fall in love with you”.