Struggling to fit everything you want to do in the day? STORY OF MY LIFE!

Do you get to the end of your day and think ‘what have I ACTUALLY done or achieved today?’ feeling super unsatisfied even though you didn’t stop all day? ALSO, THE STORY OF MY LIFE!

Not just at work, but in general day-to-day life? Do you feel a sense of achievement at the end of each day?

There is nothing worse than feeling like you have achieved nothing in your day, dissatisfied, deflated, sluggish, unmotivated. I HATE THAT FEELING. So, I do everything to ensure that I spend my time as wisely as I can and create a time to recognise my daily wins!

So, how do you manage your time?

Here are a couple of things you can do to manage your time the best way:

  1. Only do things that matter.
    If you’re having a phone call with someone and it’s not going anywhere, bring it to a close and just end it. This sounds harsh lol but you have to be fierce and look out for yourself! At the end of the day, you could be doing something much more interesting/productive/positive rather than having a dead phone call to bring your dead-ass day to a dead-ass end! Only say yes to things when you mean it, and seriously, where most people find this difficult – don’t be afraid to say no! What’s the point in doing something that’s going to waste your time? Honesty is the best policy. Be honest with yourself first.
  2. Timed To-Do List.
    I am PRO note taker! Take a minute to list what you’d like to accomplish in your day while being realistic about how long each item will take to complete. This will make you not only way more productive with your day, but you will then be able to see what takes up the most time, and then when you look back on your day, you can look back at what you have done and how long each task took! I literally set tasks based on time (my favourite strategy) from start to finish.
  3. Wake Up Earlier.
    You heard me! Your day will feel so much longer (this is a good thing) and you will be able to get way more done without the stress of a virtual time-bomb! That is all!
  4. Section your to-do list into URGENT, NON URGENT, IMPORTANT, NOT IMPORTANT.
    Each day I use this tool in order to priories what’s actually important right now and what can wait. What’s a small job that feels nice to ‘tick off’ and what’s a long job thats going to take a good amount of time and energy? Instead of tackling the world, take your tasks and separate them to suit your schedule of importance and what your mind can take!
  5. Discipline Yourself To A Certain Amount Of ‘YOU Time’ to unwind.
    Cup half-full half-empty? Take time to replenish your energy stores both mentally and physically to get the best out of yourself. Even just knowing that slot is there for you to relaxed, take a moment and reward yourself is extremely important and will do you a world of good on a constant basis instead of going 30million miles per hour and crashing (like I used to lol).

There are just 24 precious hours in a day. So, embrace it, live in the moment, do things matter to you and STOP doing things that don’t bring you happiness, success and progression.🌟🙌🏻