We’re so blind when it comes to friendships, ESPECIALLY the friends that you’ve known since school days…

I dunno what it is about people nowadays, but it’s almost as if they feel like they want to be able to say ‘I’ve known my Best Friend 20 years’ even if he/she is a sh*t mate to them.

It just blows my mind how soo many people can remain friends with people who don’t GENUINELY care about them.

So, sit back, reflect and ask yourself, do your friends….

  • Support you?
  • Have your back 100% of the time?
  • Bring positivity to your life?
  • Stay loyal through & through?
  • Remain genuine?
  • Give honest opinions always?

If you have said no to at least one of the above, BIN THEM & throw them in the f*ck it bucket ASAP.

Think I’m joking? Nope.

If your friends aren’t benefiting you positively in ALLLLLLL aspects of your life, then sis or bro – they got to go.

Do you find yourself MAKING EXCUSES for your mates?

Saying things like, ‘That’s just the way she is’, or ‘Nah, Nah he’s a proper good friend’

STOP STICKING UP FOR THEM! This isn’t your responsibility. How they are as people is ALL ON THEM. Not you.

Know you’re worth. Don’t be around people who SOMEHOW seem to make everything about them (harsh but true!), surround yourself with people who are you’re no.1 fans and supporters, always.

It’s 2020, time to STOP feeling like you have to let peoples behaviour slide because of how long you’ve known them. Friends are important, yes but how long you’ve known them isn’t. I have people in my life that I have known for 2 years that I trust more than people I have known for 20.

I know you are ALLLLLL agreeing with me, right?

No more negativity, get rid of those people around you who don’t add to your life and make way for the GENUINE & LOYAL ONES THIS YEAR. Big shout out to my real onesss. You know who you are.