Not only are these jeans stylish and edgy but they are timeless in fashion and can go with pretty much everything!

MOM Jeans are my new go to when it comes to most outfits, whether you want to dress it up or down it can always play a part somehow. But with something so oversized I get that it can be hard to style them, but don’t worry, i’ve got you! 

I love to edge-out my outfits with a hint of streetwear so @jdwomen can enter the mix in some way shape or form eg here with the socks! I also styled it with a lace black crop top to dress it up a bit more. You could also pair the jeans with a bodysuit to mix it up a bit if you wanted to stick with dressing it up.

Check out my look below!

There’s always different styles you can bang out with these jeans; A chunky trainer never goes a miss with a pair of MOM Jeans, and coming through with the socks (it’s all about the details of course). I normally like to style my jeans with a more simple top whether it be a bodysuit or even an oversized tee, both would work just as well.

Check out how I style it differently here:

MOM Jeans are also non figure hugging, want to eat a 3 course meal in them? No one would even know, I’m so comfortable in them when I wear them and they’ve definitely become a staple piece in my wardrobe, if you couldn’t tell already!