We all want to progress and move on from things in life but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to do this if we don’t just let go and live!

The majority of people have a mad story and have been through the most but to stop this defining you you’ve got to let go and accept! Like if you’re always arguing with your parents, they’re not going to change and neither are you, if you accept that this is what you both are like you’ll slowly be able to move past this.

It is impossible to move forward if your mind is always thinking back to something that happened years ago because you’re not letting yourself move forward. If you got stuck in something in real life you’d find a way out of it right? Because you wouldn’t want to just stay there, you’d want to go wherever you were going… This is literally the exact same! If you want to progress, to move on, to move forward you’ve got to just get out of that and not look back!

Everyone is strong enough to do this and one day you’ll be able to speak about all these things that upset you now and not feel a thing because you’ve moved past it. This might seem impossible or you feel like you can’t do that, but trust me YOU CAN. Everyone has felt like that before and then one day just decided “No” this isn’t happening anymore and the change that was needed has happened. Once you have done this and all that ‘random’ anxiousness and stress you were feeling suddenly disappears, you’ll know you’ve done the right thing because it’s made you more positive and your sanity always has to be your priority!

So 2020 no more living in the past!