‘Beckie, is that even possible?’

YES. Yes it is. Let’s talk about self love and changing your mindset in order to do this, so that eventually you will!

When it comes to exercising and training, like anythingggg – if you enjoy it, you’ll stick to it! Simple. In the end, success comes down to to sustainability and consistency – which means having fun along the way and enjoying the process is EXTREMELY important.

You’ve got to WANT to exercise, rather than feeling like you HAVE to!

TIP: practice changing your ‘I have to go to the gym’ to ‘I love to go to the gym because…’. This is more powerful than it seems.

A positive mindset around exercise is absolutely essential. How we think about exercising not only affects what we get from our workouts, but it also has a huge impact on how we behave away from the gym, and the results that we’ll see overall.

It’s so easy to end up doing wayyyyy too much of the stuff that we enjoy (because we’re good at it, or it does’t hurt as much) and not enough of the stuff that we actually need to do. We are all guilty of this!

It’s also easy to become so focused on the outcome we completely forget about the experience and the immediate positive effects this has on our mentality and our body, and quite frankly our entire day! Doing this creates a habit where we can’t stick to something for long enough for it to work purely because the goal seems 3million miles away – not motivating AT all!


So Beckie, how do we learn to love exercise?

MUSIC! (heavy grime works for me lol don’t ask). Get a playlist made so you are ready to smash it out! This helps me!
GYM BUDDY! For some people, being around like-minded people who spur us on, keep you motivated!
HAVE SPECIFIC GOALS! Just remember why you are doing this and that it WILL be worth it in the end!
SELF LOVE. Focus on continually improving YOURSELF rather than the workout or exercise itself. Your whole attitude towards it will change, and weirdly, the exercise becomes easier.
EDUCATE YOURSELF. Knowing what you’re doing what you’re doing is only going to motivate you and push you even more. Purpose creates the fuel behind the fire.
VISUALISE your dream body or someone who inspires you when you’re in the gym. Your slow jog becomes a sprint, your light weight workout becomes a squat PB… You’ll be amazed by what you can achieve by tweaking your mindset!
STAYING POSITIVE! Remember you’re doing this for no-one else but you. Keep your head in the game and remember only good things will come from exercise!

With exercise, always keep one eye firmly on the end goal and remember what you want to achieve. You got dissss!