Do you ever feel like someone fits perfectly in your life but when you change the part of your life they’re in, suddenly everything changes?

This is completely normal everyone has a certain place they belong in your life. We all have those friends you can go on a wild night out with, friends with children, friends who will be there with you through anything and everything, all different types of friends and you wouldn’t really mix them.

All of this is because they have certain sectors they fit into in your life!

There are not many people who are supposed to fit into every sector of your life, probably not any. This is because all sectors are completely different. You could have a best friend who you think would be perfect to date because your friendship is great but when you try dating you’re arguing and wondering if you even know them because you’ve never seen this side to them before.

‘This doesn’t mean they’re a bad person or you’re a bad person it just means that they weren’t meant for that sector of your life and you weren’t meant for that sector of theirs either, but friendship was the best place for them.’

This can be the case for a lot of things in life and it’s no one’s fault, it is literally just life. The same way you wouldn’t try go on a wild night out with your more serious friend.

Friendship fall outs, relationship break downs. They’re just not meant to be in that sector of your life and that’s okay, everything that’s meant to be will be!