Ever sat down after a long day and thought of all the things that you didn’t achieve? The jobs at the bottom of your list that you just didn’t get time to tick off? Let me guess you sat there and doubted yourself over and over again.

But let me tell you something ITS OK!! It’s ok that you didn’t tick the last job off, it’s ok that one job took you all day to do, it’s ok if you’ve got halfway through a job but too exhausted to carry it on.

IT’S OK because you are only human, praise yourself with what you did accomplish and complete successfully that day. Don’t compare yourself to the individual you know that has just achieved something you’ve always wanted to. Everyone works at their own pace for a reason, we are supposed to be where we are at at this specific moment in time. You’ve got to BUILD on what you know, PUT IT INTO PRACTICE what you preach and watch as the days, weeks and months pass by whilst your blossoming at the same time.

You don’t have time in the day for negativity and second-guessing yourself.

Wake up for a new day and think “Today I am going to smash anything that gets thrown at me, I am going to give my all and be the best I can be”

So what I’m trying to say is.. the fact you’re even making lists in the first place is 100 steps ahead of most. Give yourself some credit and schedule your YOU time. Cause at the end of the day, the only person we should do all this for, is ourselves.’

One piece of advice I was given was “Aim high, start small, keep going”.