One minute I had 0 holidays booked, then I had 7 in 3 months. Lol. I like to either go ALL OUT or not at all. Travelling was never the plan, but sometimes the best things come out of being spontaneous and just pressing GO..and that’s exactly what i decided to do.
I had got to the point where I hadn’t taken any time off work in 2 years, and I was ready for a well deserved break!

Travelling really gives you a completely different perception of everything! People always say that, but now I’ve been, I completely get what they mean! It has taught me so much, especially the 2 near-death experiences that I had in Vegas and then the phillipenes,

So, what did travelling teach me?

  • Things can change in the blink of an stop complaining and live in the NOW!
    I can’t explain how scared I was when I got spiked in Vegas, and when I caught that horrendous life-threatening illness in the Philippines. All I wanted was to feel better. Both experiences happed so suddenly, I just didn’t expect it to happen to me, but you never expect it, which is the scary thing. Everything changed SOOOOO fast, and it made me realise.. why the hell do we all worry about such trivial things? If we are healthy, have a roof over our heads then we are the lucky ones.
  • I would pick flights over expensive clothes ANYDAY
    Since I got back from travelling, whenever I go to buy things now, I think to myself…’ where else could I be travelling with this money?’ Don’t’ get me wrong I’ve never been silly with money but when you see all the things you can do and see with £500, you will think twice next time an expensive jacket catches your eye.
  • Made me realise how lucky I am to live in the UK
    When you spend SOO much time away from your home town, you realise how god damn lucky we are to live in the UK. Being away made me realise that Reading is my home and I’m proud of that. I had an amazing time don’t get me wrong, but I was definitely ready to come home. Safety is MUCH better in the UK
    I don’t think I have ever felt unsafe in the UK, whereas in LA and other places where I went travelling, I felt on edge and uneasy walking 2 minutes down the road! I felt like I was constantly looking over my shoulders. Especially after I got spiked in Vegas (there’s a WHOLE blog on this scary experience on my page!) But in London or Reading, I have NEVER had any bad experiences or worries about anything. I could put my drink down and not worry about it, or even walk miles and miles and not blink an eye.

Travelling makes you realise how much simple things in life you take for granted. Like clean water, a normal CAR instead of ‘tuk- tuk’s, our AMAZING health care system, and all the other things that we don’t even think on the daily.