Leading by example and sticking to my word is a big part of me. For me personally this is what I choose to do, and the mindset changes I have gone through that have got me here have been priceless, event the way I feel and act around people in general. The same goes for the confidence of the people I surround myself with, my Personal Assistant and staff, dance students etc.👭👭

I’d rather EAT my calories than drink my calories. For anyone that knows me, I’m the worlds biggest foodie with the world biggest appetite and cannot turn down a meal out for the life of me.

BUT… I don’t drink, so that saves me a good couple-thousand calories a week alone! I’m a little nuts sober & I thank the gift of dancing for that. Stick me in a room with good music and I cannot stand still. I 100% should be embarrassed but I 100% forget there are other people in the room.😂😀

ALSO, drinking makes me sooooo tired. Everyone always says ‘how do you have so much energy still?! It’s like 5 in the morning?!’ Because I didn’t drink alcohol yaalllllll😉 Exercise + water = endorphins + health + energy + happiness

I’m a busy little bee who likes to get things done and when I haven’t had a productive day, I’ve wasted a weekend etc and it stresses me out! I treasureeee my free time! The hard graft is the bit behind the wall that no one ever sees & drinking for me just wouldn’t be worth the long hangovers & it would take away the amount of free time I DO have as nothing would ever get done!

Putting substances into your body WILL make you think differently. It will.

I could go on & I know it’s alien to most, but it works for me so no I’m not saying everyone should do this ALL the time. I’m just answering the question & saying it’s ok to not follow the crowd and to do things your way😘 Reduce your intake and challenge yourself to a sober night out – you’ll be surprised what adrenaline can do!