So this is where I come in.. relations are hard to understand, they send us blind, they CAN make us feel like raging psychopaths, they can send you up the wall and out of emotional control, have you questioning yourself tireless, encourage you to doubt yourself, bring down your self worth, self belief, self love. All of these things are SCREAMING one thing to you, as much as you don’t wanna hear it, just let me be that girl for a second. HE IS NOT THE ONE. I  hear a LOT of stories on repeat about the same damn thing.. No matter what age you are, where you come from, how ‘adequate’ enough your situation is to be feeling the way you do, we ALL FEEL IT. It’s in our souls. Us as human beings have emotions and that is TOTALLY ok, it’s what you do with them, how you control them and where your next steps are to encourage your own health and happiness to continue to grow. Is your other half encouraging that or preventing that? You tell me..

But let me just take a second to say, if you feel like someone is making you feel the following things, they are NOT for you! Take note if this is you…

  • You feel like you are ALWAYS having to apologise even when you KNOW that you are not in the wrong
  • You feel like you’re going mental
  • You feel like you have to prove yourself
  • You feel anxious and sick all the time
  • You feel like they are avoiding you and something JUST ISN’T QUITE RIGHT
  • You feel like they don’t appreciate you… 99% of the time if your gut is screaming something at you, it’s usually right. My gut has never done me wrong and I’ll stand by my instinct forever, and I encourage women to do the same. No you’re not crazy, you’re just with the wrong person and the situation is making you FEEL crazy – two different things.

It is TOTALLY normal to feel inches of this here and there from time to time, but I’m talking about those repetitive gut-wrenching feelings of sadness, sorrow, desperation and self-doubt. The right person won’t allow you to feel like this. If you haven’t been through this yet, it’s likely it’s going to come at some point (I pray it doesn’t!! But in 2019, we all got a lot to live up to apparently…), so I’m just here to give a virtual hug and tell you it’s gunna be ok, when YOU step out and make it OK. So you can be fully prepared for what’s to come or is happening right now. To open your eyes and give you that ounce of encouragement you needed to step in the right direction on YOUR OWN like a badass BOSS because you deserve HAPPINESS – we all do!! People never want to voice what is wrong with them, they just think it sounds stupid, or they’re embarrassed by their situation.. but doesn’t that tell you something…? But listen, WE ARE ALL THE SAME. We all go through that anxious feeling, that feeling of unwanted emptiness and feeling worthless. WE ALL FEEL IT AT SOME POINT. Even if your 13 or 93, it still has the same impact on you. No one is any more important than anyone else.

You guys are all 100% FINE on your own, to begin with. None of us need anyone else to make us happy, and if you do feel like you need someone else to make you happy, then that’s your problem that CAN be sorted when you allow yourself to take that leap. I can help only those who WANT my help, so come to me and we will sort it out.

99% of the world do not understand how their mind works, and they don’t give themselves a chance to detangle what’s going on in their minds. Once you take the time to understand how your mind works, everything will ALWAYS be ok.

If you are supposed to be someone’s “person”, but they’re making you feel stupid, worthless, then put them in the GOD DAMN BIN. The ‘F*CK IT BUCKET’ :D. You need to get rid of the negativity. You don’t need it! There WILL be someone out there who will make you feel safe and secure, and when you feel anxious, they will be the first one to reassure you, instead of making you feel like your going mad. You’re partners for a reason, so if they’re not serving you, don’t allow them to be apart of your space – this works both ways.

You need to remember – you are NOT on your own. Ever. I’ve got your backs 100% if you want me to dig a little deeper into this or you wanna chat, just hit me up, I’m crazy passionate about this stuff so lets go be strong, independent and HAPPY for ever. PS ‘independent’ does not mean being ALONE FOREVER, it simply means being able to INDEPENDENTLY make decisions on our own, to be happy on our own, face our biggest fears on our own and change our negative states of mind ON OUR OWN, before someone else comes into our lives – for ourselves and our own mental and physical wellbeing on a consistent basis. In a relationship we are simply EXPERIENCING another person, we don’t own them and they don’t own us… how about that? Now take your positive self, make your moves, do what’s right for you and be happy. You got this.