Are you in awe of someone you know who has a smaller figure than you? They’re constantly eating sh*t, and your just thinking, ‘that’s not fair?’ or ‘why are you still so skinny after eating so much?’ we hear this one ALL the time!

The truth is, you might see them have a giant chocolate bar in their bag or boast that they have just had a McDonalds, or constantly talking about Nandos but actually, have you ever thought, ‘why do you keep talking about food for one, and are you REALLY eating that much food?’. The short answer is 1. I’ll leave to you think about the mindset of that person, and 2. NO. It’s a straight up no. In reality, they’ve only probably eaten 2 squares of their chocolate bar (that they’re eating right infant of you) and have given the rest to everyone else, or the McDonalds that is being pushed up in your grill (get it) is pretty much all they have eaten today, or they’re offering all “sh*t food” to everyone else (I.E. you), OR their portions aren’t being finished, lets be real here.

THIS IS NOTHING AGAINST THESE FORTUNATE PEOPLE WHO ARE ABLE TO CONTROL THEIR PORTIONS AND ONLY EAT SMALLER AMOUNTS – some of us however have huge appetites and struggle, so girls (and guys) this one’s for you.

Science is science. Calories used vs calories consumed = energy balance = lbs lost or gained. It’s that simple. And no… there is no magic pill.

Forgetting about muscle vs body fat composition and “toning” for now… When it comes to weight alone, it’s not about WHAT you eat, it’s about how MUCH you eat. I could eat Oreos every single day for every single meal (MA FAVE), and if my calories are below my personal daily output, guess what, I’m still losing!! BUT my insulin would be through the ROOF, I’d probably be near dying and getting continuous hot flushes from all the sugar and no teeth left, leaving me feeling so unhealthy on the inside inside but the point is, I STILL wouldn’t put on weight. (I don’t recommend this btw lol).

People that don’t put on weight when eating considerable amounts (if not blessed with an incredibly rare metabolism) usually do the following:
Smaller potions without realising
Calorie count
May have 1 big meal in the entire day rather than the standard recommended 3
OR eat little and often
Choose less calorie dense foods such as salads over chips
Always rambling on about food because of how mindful they are about it (now you’re looking at it differently aren’t you ;))
Do a lot of exercise

If we are STRICTLY talking about weight, excluding all the other factors for a second, then calories are king and macro’s come second (your protein, carbs and fats ratio). You could be eating the “healthiest” meals, but if your portions are mountains of the more calorie DENSE foods, you will not “lose weight”.

LET’S JUST BE CLEAR, I AM NOT ADVISING TO DO THIS. So please don’t go away and think this is the right and only way to lose weight (it’s not!), I’m just purely stating the facts to help those who are always questioning themselves and constantly wondering why that person “can eat sht and lose weight”, it’s HOW MUCH not what – that’s all! I just hope this helps you come to terms with the reasons why some people around you who eat sht are still skinny.

So, If you are struggling to lose weight and you think your eating really well, but you are surrounded by people who are eating crap and staying “skinny”, please don’t beat yourself up about it and do not give up. Just be more mindful when it comes to portion sizes and eating smarter such as swapping for less calorie-dense foods, and remember that calories come first, macro’s come second. Being mindful in itself will make a HUGE difference, trust me.