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Beckie's Diaries

How To Increase Your Confidence

2020 has been a whirlwind of emotions. A lot has happened this year. Some of us may have lost our job, some of us may be in debt, some of…


I Feel So Unattractive Right Now…

Are you not quite feeling yourself at the moment and not feeling ‘beautiful’? Let me tell you now girl, you are beautiful – in SO many ways! You may be…


Why Is It So Hard To Let Your Guard Down?

You ever start to like someone… everything is going great. Going on dates, seeing each other more and more. Then suddenly you begin to start pushing them away and every…


It’s All About Feeling & Energy

You could have all the intelligence in the world, but the truth is, if you don’t have the passion and the real LOVE for it, you WILL NOT excel in…


Stop Relying On Compliments

People get SOOO hung up on being complimented and reassured all the time, they end up completely relying on it to make them happy. So, this one’s for those of…


How To Love Yourself

One too many times I can almost guarantee that someone has said to you, “You need to give yourself some love” and I can also guarantee that you’ve cringed or…


How To Spend & Manage Your Time Wisely

Struggling to fit everything you want to do in the day? STORY OF MY LIFE! Do you get to the end of your day and think ‘what have I ACTUALLY…


To Succeed, You Have To Fail

What I’ve learnt this week.. Take every opportunity as a chance to improve. How do you win? You lose. The best of the best never win first time, and this…


What Has Travelling Taught Me?

One minute I had 0 holidays booked, then I had 7 in 3 months. Lol. I like to either go ALL OUT or not at all. Travelling was never the plan, but sometimes the best things come out of being spontaneous and just pressing GO..and that’s exactly what i decided to do.


How To Cope With IBS

Let’s face it, IBS isn’t the easiest topic to bring up. I hear time and time again the number of people who are too embarrassed to talk about it, so…


My Day At Gung Ho

So yesterday I had the pleasure of spending my day with the Gungho team in London at their HQ! This is the first time I have been to a PR…


Why I Choose Not To Drink

Leading by example and sticking to my word is a big part of me. For me personally this is what I choose to do, and the mindset changes I have…


About Me

My Approach Welcome to my world where I get straight to the point. I’m a girl on a mission to encourage and inspire powerful women in the world to become independent,…


Get To Know Me Q&A!

How I stay motivated, my worst date EVER (lol), my biggest fear, the most challenging thing I’ve ever done… CHEERS ZO! My PA Zoe has put together some questions for…


My Career Story

I finally managed to find some time to film the most highly requested video yet.. business talk! I get asked different things about business a lot of the time, from…


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