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How To Increase Your Confidence

2020 has been a whirlwind of emotions. A lot has happened this year. Some of us may have lost our job, some of us may be in debt, some of…


I Feel So Unattractive Right Now…

Are you not quite feeling yourself at the moment and not feeling ‘beautiful’? Let me tell you now girl, you are beautiful – in SO many ways! You may be…


Why Is It So Hard To Let Your Guard Down?

You ever start to like someone… everything is going great. Going on dates, seeing each other more and more. Then suddenly you begin to start pushing them away and every…


How To Love Yourself Without Pretending To

It’s actually sad how people feel like they need to edit their pictures SO MUCH and pretend to be something that they’re not…just to impress others.  It’s literally got to…


If They’re Not On Your Side, Let Them Slide!

We’re so blind when it comes to friendships, ESPECIALLY the friends that you’ve known since school days… I dunno what it is about people nowadays, but it’s almost as if…


It’s All About Feeling & Energy

You could have all the intelligence in the world, but the truth is, if you don’t have the passion and the real LOVE for it, you WILL NOT excel in…


Why Should You Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

Sometimes the only way you will learn, progress, grow, elevate is by doing things that scare you a little bit. Like sending that message to your boss, or maybe confronting…


How to Love Yoursel

One too many times I can almost guarantee that someone has said to you, “You need to give yourself some love” and I can also guarantee that you’ve cringed or ignored that comment that’s been said to you.


We Expect Too Much From Ourselves Sometimes

Ever sat down after a long day and thought of all the things that you didn’t achieve? The jobs at the bottom of your list that you just didn’t get time to tick off? Let me guess you sat there and doubted yourself over and over again.


Stop Living In The Past

We all want to progress and move on from things in life but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to do this if we don’t just let go and live!


They Are Not A Bad Person They Are Just In The Wrong Sector

Do you ever feel like someone fits perfectly in your life but when you change the part of your life they’re in, suddenly everything changes?


Tracksuits Why Theyre My Favourite Thing Ever

Tracksuits, ahh where do I start? My love for these things is crazy, I think I might have every colour and every fit to be honest.


Stop Relying On Compliments

People get SOOO hung up on being complimented and reassured all the time, they end up completely relying on it to make them happy. So, this one’s for those of…


Hes Just Not That Into You

Let’s just say relationships are near enough impossible sometimes.. purely from lack of understanding and patience.


Get To Know Me Q&A!

How I stay motivated, my worst date EVER (lol), my biggest fear, the most challenging thing I’ve ever done… CHEERS ZO! My PA Zoe has put together some questions for…


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