It’s actually sad how people feel like they need to edit their pictures SO MUCH and pretend to be something that they’re not…just to impress others.

It’s literally got to the point where people edit their BODY SHAPE in pictures, and pay THOUSANDS of pounds for cosmetic surgery and lip fillers to live up to peoples ‘expectations’ that they have from social media.

I had a moment about a year ago, where nose rings were the big thing, and people kept saying ‘Beckie you’d look sick with a nose ring’, ‘Beckie you should definitely get it done’, so I thought, why not? I went to the piercing shop and I was sat waiting to be seen, and I thought ‘Beckie WHAT THE HELL are you doing?!’, why was I going to pay £30 to put a hole in my face to ‘look better’? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

So I left, and I vouched that I wouldn’t’ EVER get any facial piercings ever again.

There are so many pressures now to look airbrushed and perfect…it’s actually getting too much.

What’s happened to the natural side of things?

What has happened to LOVING your imperfections and embracing your flaws?

You are enough, just you. As you are. You don’t have to edit your picture on IG, make your waist look smaller, your teeth whiter, you DON’T HAVE TO do that to love yourself. If you’re doing this, editing your pictures every day, and looking at yourself in the mirror and comparing your IG feed rot how you really look, you’re not going to love yourself any more. You’ll feel like a fraud.

So, how can you love yourself without pretending to? Here’s a couple of things you can do which will help you to LOVE YOU.

STOP with the editing pictures

If you find yourself caught in the vicious cycle of picture edits, just delete the editing app! If you are displaying a life to others online and offline that doesn’t exist, you will find yourself bitching and moaning about people around you and CONSTANTLY feeling like you need to prove yourself time and time again. Scrap that!!

DON’T compare
STOP comparing yourself to others. It’s not going to get you anywhere. If you find yourself scrolling through IG day after day, just delete it or disable your account for a few months?? I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, if I didn’t need IG for work, I would’ve deleted it MONTHS ago!

FORGIVE yourself
Made a mistake at work? Had a bad day and taken it out on those you love? It happens! Wake up every morning with the attitude that today is a new day and a new chance to do things differently. Don’t dwell on the past. The only thing you can change is what hasn’t happened yet. Use every single day as a second chance.

Take care of YOU.
Eat well, stay active and healthy. You won’t even realise how much you change physically and mentally when you actually TAKE CARE of yourself. You glow differently when you are truly HAPPY.