BECKIE HUGHES LTD Terms & Conditions

Classes run under Beckie Hughes LTD.

1a) Throughout these terms and conditions when we refer to ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘the Company’ etc. we are referring to Beckie Hughes LTD. When we refer to ‘you’ we are referring to the user or browser of this website, or the class/workshop/performance/event paying participant. These are the Terms and Conditions of use of Beckie Hughes LTD website (“the website”) operated by Beckie Hughes LTD.

1b) This forms a legally binding contract between us and you which is effective from the date of accepting this form or any class. By browsing or using the website you are accepting these Terms and Conditions.

1c) If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions or any part of them, you should stop using the website immediately or do not accept at the end of this form.

1d) Beckie Hughes will not be liable for any losses incurred by you in connection with your use of the website, for any delay in using or your inability to use the website, for any information or products obtained through the website or for any material posted to the website by users of the website.

1e) Beckie Hughes LTD website is for your own personal and non-commercial use. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer or sell any information obtained from the website.

  • All contents of the website, including any software, are protected by intellectual property rights and other related rights.

2a) No part of the website may be reproduced in any form (electronically or otherwise) without prior consent of Beckie Hughes LTD other than temporarily in the course of using online ticket booking.

2b) You are not permitted to link to or use all or any part of Beckie Hughes LTD website for any reason which is unlawful, defamatory, harmful, obscene or objectionable and, in particular, you are not permitted to transmit anything which in Beckie Hughes’s opinion harms our business or in any way offends other users or persons.

2c) Beckie Hughes LTD cannot be held responsible for the content of any third party sites directly or indirectly linked to us. Access to these sites is at your own risk. Please advise us if you consider any linked pages to be inappropriate, illegal or offensive.

2d) Beckie Hughes LTD makes no representation, endorsement or warranty as to the accuracy of the information contained in the website. To the best of our knowledge, the information on the website is accurate and correct. We reserve the right to cancel or change the time of any class, workshop, performance, event or studio showing and will do our best to keep the information on the website accurate and up to date.

2e) Like all web publishers, Beckie Hughes LTD has no control over the Internet and the method by which you access the website. As a consequence and in common with most web publishers Beckie Hughes takes no responsibility for service interruption or the transmission of viruses or other malicious computer code through the website. You are not permitted to alter Beckie Hughes LTD website in any way or post onto or transmit to the site, any material containing software viruses or files which may damage or disrupt the good working order of computer or telecommunications equipment.

  • These terms and conditions relate to the booking of, online, over the phone or with Beckie Hughes (in class), and attendance of courses, drop-in classes, workshops and performances:

3a) All courses, classes, workshops and performances are non-refundable. Refunds will only be issued in the unlikely event of cancellation of a class or workshop by Beckie Hughes LTD and will not be issued for situations out with our control.

3b) In the event that Beckie Hughes LTD is unable to teach classes, the cover will be provided by external teachers to ensure that the classes will still go ahead as planned.

3c) Cancellations for workshops must be requested two days prior to the workshop date. Cancellations for drop-in classes must be requested one hour prior to start time. If you wish to change or cancel a class, Beckie Hughes LTD must be informed at least 48 hours before. When cancelling a class, credit will not be issued for the remaining number of weeks when paying a bulk payment unless the reason is classed as a ‘life event’ decided by Beckie Hughes LTD (for example, moving house location).

3d) Drop-in classes booked through Beckie Hughes LTD online or at class are non-refundable. Refunds will only be issued in the unlikely event of cancellation of a class or workshop by the teacher and will not be issued for situations out with our control. Concessionary rates cannot be given without proof of eligibility.

3e) Please ensure that you arrive in plenty of time (10 minutes before) for your class/workshop/performance/event, as latecomers may not be admitted due to health and safety risks if a warm-up is missed.

3f) Participants take classes at their own risk. Please inform reception and your teacher of any medical condition that may affect your participation. We may require a doctor’s confirmation that your participation is approved.

3g) Beckie Hughes LTD will not be liable in any way if a performance, class or workshop is abandoned after more than half of it has taken place due to any factors which are beyond our reasonable control. Without limiting the foregoing, the following shall be regarded as causes beyond our reasonable control: (i) Weather: earthquakes, cyclones, storms, flooding, fire, disease, fog, snow or frost; (ii) Force Majeure which includes war, accidents, acts of public enemies, strikes, embargoes, perils of the air, local disputes and civil commotions; (iii) Power failure and failure of sound or lighting equipment.

  • These terms and conditions relate to paying by instalments:

4a) All customers paying by instalments must provide their full name, postal address and current telephone number, completion of your online transaction are taken as confirmation of the agreement. If you’re booking on behalf of someone else, you can pay for their course by instalments too but only by using your own credit/debit card.

4b) Payments may also be taken directly from Beckie Hughes LTD on a monthly/termly bases through an online secure payment system ( The payment method you decide is the buyers decision.

4c) The normal refunds & exchanges policy still applies when paying by instalments. You must pay all of the instalments regardless of whether or not you complete the course/attend all classes or receive a credit.

4d) Instalment Agreement: 

The customer understands that suspending/pausing their membership will result in an automatic suspension charge of £10 per month until rejoining.

The customer understands, if they choose to cancel their membership and rejoin at a later date, there will be a re-joining fee of an additional £15 per month on top of their monthly membership subscription.

The customer understands, the direct debit payment is split over the 12 month period, from January 1st to December 31st. Within this time, no classes will run on bank holidays.

Beckie Hughes LTD.

The customer authorises the Beckie Hughes LTD to charge their card with the specified amounts on the given dates detailed on the product details page in respect of their dance course.

The customer understands that prices are due to increase over time and will be notified with any important changes via email. All paying customers will receive an email notice for this

The customer understands that this authority in favour of Beckie Hughes will remain in force until such time as they cancel or change the membership subscription it in writing in an email to Beckie Hughes LTD at least 1 month before.

The customer understands that it is their responsibility to notify Beckie Hughes with any contact detail changes if they find themselves not receiving emails, or if they wish to cancel their membership, this requires a 1-month notice and open important emails with key information from the company about payments.

Beckie Hughes LTD does not take responsibility for the payee who has received but not read important updates and changes will be made assuming the customer has opened ALL emails responsibly. 

The customer understands that the standard refund policy still applies and that even if credit is issued for any part of the course they must still make all of the repayments according to the agreed schedule.

The customer understands that National Bank Holidays are NOT included within membership as classes are all closed.

Beckie Hughes LTD usually gives the dancers 2 months off from classes during the 12 month annual period (most likely split into 1 month off during winter time and 1 month off during summer time between the first and last date of that month, for example, December 1st-December 31st in order to keep payment instalments simple). Please note you will NOT be charged for this month off and any other dance classes/workshops etc. are paid for separately. Dancers will all be notified by email of the exact dates off at least 1 month in advance. This enables rest and recovery for all dancers to ensure optimal health and safety, also including financial benefits as the months off will be scheduled around usual busy holiday months in order to help the paying adult also.


5a) Notification of cancelled classes must be in excess of 48 hours from the session start time via telephone or email. A session without giving notice will result in the forfeiting of that session.

5b) All classes will start at the discussed and pre-arranged session time. Failure to provide adequate notice of private classes will incure in a cancellation fee covering the price of the class you paid for at a single-session rate or a loss of that session from your pre-paid block.

5c) Any lost time due to late arrival will not be made up at the end of the session. In the case of the teacher falling ill or being unable to teach the class, the class will be cancelled and rearranged.

5d) Payments must be made in full before class. Any unpaid payments will result in the student being unable to attend any future classes with Beckie Hughes LTD.  I have read and agree to all of Beckie Hughes LTD’s rules and regulations.


6a) All payments are non-refundable and all classes must be used within the package time. If classes are not used within this time due to inactivity, classes will not be refunded and deemed void.

6b) Failure to pay any outstanding balance will result in permanent exclusion from Beckie Hughes LTD and may result in legal action.

6c) Termination of any programme before starting will not be refunded. If payments of classes are not made, there will be three payment warnings sent to your emails. Failure to make payment on time will result in a penalty payment of £2 a day out of your account.


7a) Any abusive or threatening behaviour towards our staff or clients will not be tolerated and will result in you being asked to leave the premises forfeiting any remaining balance you may have and legal action may be taken.

7b) Damage to property either intentional or accidental may result in you being charged for repair and/or replacement.

PLEASE NOTE: Your responses will, of course, be kept in the strictest confidence & all details will be protected under the Data Protection Act of 1998. Please sign your name below to agree that you have read the above information and agree to the terms and conditions.

Please accept when you have read and agree with these terms and conditions above.

  • Injury & Risk

8a) I/we realise that participation in dance classes and activities could result in some possible personal injury. Despite precautions being taken by the studio, accidents and injuries may occur. By signing this release form, I/we (the dancer and parent/guardian) assume all risks related to the use of any and all spaces used by Beckie Hughes LTD.

8b) I/we agree to release from responsibility, Beckie Hughes LTD or the chosen studio space including all teachers, dancers, staff members, and facilities used by both entities from any cause of action, claims, or demands now and in the future.

8c)  I/we will not hold Beckie Hughes LTD liable for any personal injury including scrapes, bruises, cuts, sprains, fractures, broken bones, concussions or death or any personal property damage/loss, which may occur on the premises before, during or after classes.

  • Membership

9a) I/We agree there is one initial trial class only at the cost of £15, and after the trial class, all participants MUST become members through [email protected].

9b) All members must join on the 1st of the month, if they join after the 1st of the month, there will be no difference in the monthly membership price and the monthly amount will still be the same. Any membership changes must be made at least 1 month before.

9c) All members up to 2 paying classes per week, will be charged an initial joining fee of £15 when they join. Any members who attend 3+ classes per week will NOT need to pay the initial joining fee. This will be a one-off payment taken immediately on the first month of joining ONLY on top of their membership subscription. The membership will return to the normal monthly price after the first month. If a member cancels their membership and rejoins, the initial joining fee will reoccur again as a new sign up.

  • The Facility

10a) Furthermore, I/we agree to obey the class and facility rules and take full responsibility for my/our behaviour in addition to any damage I/we may cause to the facilities utilized by Beckie Hughes LTD.

  • Conduct and Conditions:

11a) I understand that Beckie Hughes LTD is a licensed, accredited and insured organisation. In the event that I/we should observe any unsafe conduct or conditions before, during or after my/our classes, I/we agree to report the unsafe conduct or conditions to Beckie Hughes LTD, owner, the administrator, instructors or staff members as soon as possible.

  • Adult Environment & Language.

12a) I/we accept and agree for my child to participate, given the knowledge that classes are catered towards adults 18+ so the language used in music/in class/by other dancers, the expression of the dance and the movement style may not suit an environment for children.

12b) By allowing my child to go to classes, I/we take full responsibility of any inappropriate language or alternative choreography styles used in class and give my child permission to learn any choreography to any music that Beckie Hughes (Beckie Hughes Fitness LTD) teaches.

  • Photography and Video.

13a) I give permission for my/my son/daughter’s photographs/videos to be used for publicity and advertising in the studio, on, other websites, social media, and in the community.

13b) I understand that not all raw videos will be posted on youtube or social media. I agree that to access raw videos, this comes at a cost of £10 per video. Beckie Hughes LTD does not have to send you your raw video or post your video on their social media under any circumstances. To purchase your video, please email [email protected] or purchase off the website shop.

13c) I understand and accept that absolute no phones/personal cameras are allowed in class including taking photos or videos of any kind within the class room/studio. This is to protect the safety of all students of all ages. I accept to have my phone switched off or on silent before entering the studio and shall leave it stored until the class is finished.

Class videography

All intermediate/Advanced and Beginner classes will be filmed professionally by a videographer and edited by Beckie Hughes LTD every couple of weeks. Every member MUST request their video edit prior to the filming class.

13i) All members who would like to purchase a video edit, must either pay online on the website in the ‘shop’ section or pay cash on the door before class, this is in order for the teacher to group relevant dancers together. Video editing options include; raw, clean and edit (all pricing information and to make your purchase is on

13ii) If members choose to film during the class OR if payment is not made before class, Beckie Hughes LTD has the authority to take the selected video edit payment off their membership, and the member will be charged an extra £2 as a late payment fee per day on top of the video edit fee.

13iii) The dancer will not receive their edited video until payment has been made. Due to the amount of time each video edit takes, edits may take up to 5 days to be sent, please be patient and aware that Beckie Hughes has a number of video edits to do, so the videos will not be sent to you immediately.

– Beckie Hughes LTD will select some of the videos’s from the class to put on the Youtube channel, these will only include clean or premium edits.

– Any video’s that are not on ‘Beckie Hughes’ youtube channel will be emailed separately to the dancers at a cost £5 raw, £10 clean, £45 premium.

13 d) Videography that is emailed:

All members that receive their video’s by email must obey the following:

  • Strictly must NOT be edited by another user other than The Army Dance Company LTD.
  • This content must not be Shared between external and internal parties.
  • This video is the property of The Army Dance Company LTD.

13e) Social Media:

The dancer’s instagram/facebook post of the edited video MUST contain the following as strict content of Beckie Hughes LTD:

“Video credit: @beckiehughesfit

Choreographer: @beckiehughesfit

Full video on Beckie’s youtube channel (link in bio)”

** If the dancer posts the video to their social media, they must always ensure the latest youtube video URL is in their social media bio’s.**

  • Leaving and premises

14a) I am happy for my child to make their own way home without needing to be picked up by a responsible adult from within the building (age 11+).

14b) I agree that Beckie Hughes LTD and any other teachers within the premises are not responsible for anyone as soon as they have left the building/studio and will not take responsibility for students once the class has finished.

14c) I understand that children under the age of 10 MUST be picked up from inside the building by a responsible adult and must not leave until signed out to the dance teacher. I agree for my child to leave the premises safely with a responsible Parent/Guardian. No dancer of any age, once leaving the premises is under the responsibility of Beckie Hughes LTD or any dancers or teachers within the facility.

  • Rules and Regulations

15a) Absolutely no parents or friends are allowed in class except on designated viewing days. Food and/or chewing gum is NOT allowed in studios. Water is encouraged.

15b) Please be ready on time for class meaning: hair, clothing, and shoes are on and ready before class begins. Shoes = Heeled shoes are optional. You must NOT wear stiletto heels. Heels should have rubber soles that will not mark or damage the studio floor. Shoes should be comfortable to dance in (boots are recommended to support ankles and increase safety). Trainers are also an option and both should be brought to all classes.

15c) Please come 10-15 minutes before to pay prior to the class to save time as dancers must leave as soon as session time is over unless you have paid online. (Due to the following class taking place after hours).

15d) Students are required to have fun. Clothing = opt for any comfortable clothing with zero injury hazard such as leggings, t-shirt. I understand that Beckie Hughes LTD is not a professional dance school. I also understand that classes have fun, fitness and confidence as the main priorities meaning no technical grading for current students.

15e) Students under the age of 8 are not to be left unattended before their class starts! Please do not enter studios before designated class time out of respect for the class in session.

15f) Refunds will not be permitted after this date we assume students will be continuing with us. Exceptions for medical emergencies and small children. Failure to attend class signing in before starting time,may result in the dancer not being able to complete the warm up and therefore, legally being turned away at the door and declined from taking part due to inadequate health and safety.

15g) Any questions regarding classes/workshops etc must be sent to [email protected] instead of any social media platforms. Please understand that there is no business contact number, and if you have any queries they will all be answered on the same day that you email.


16a) Before using any equipment you must sign by clicking ‘accept’ below to agree that you are satisfied that you have been shown how to use the machinery safely by a member of staff, or you have proof of knowledge and are capable of using it. Beckie Hughes LTD dancers and teachers are not responsible for any incidents that happen during classes and the responsibility of an accident will be under the student.

16b) I recognise that Beckie Hughes LTD, dancers and teachers are not able to provide me with any medical advice with regard to my medical health and that the information is used as a guideline to the limitations of my ability to exercise safely. I agree that it is my responsibility to train correctly and I will do so at my own risk.

16c) I also state that I wish to participate in activities which may include aerobic exercise, resistance exercise and stretching. I realise that my participation in these activities involves the risk to my physical health and safety if not done correctly. I state that the Beckie Hughes LTD is not liable for any injuries or illnesses caused. Furthermore, I hereby confirm that I am voluntarily engaging in an acceptable level of exercise which has been recommended to me.

16d)I further understand that it is Beckie Hughes LTD recommendation that you consult a physician prior to using any equipment on the premises, engaging in any exercise programme or activity, or undertaking any food or diet programme, whether or not such programme or movement is recommended by Beckie Hughes Fitness. I understand that any nutritional/mindset advice and information my teacher/trainer has given me is a guide only and not a substitute for a dietician meal plan.

16e)  I agree to pay Beckie Hughes LTD ALL withstanding payments within the service time (e.g. monthly payment for classes). Failure to do so will result in a possible pan from class until payments are made, and an additional daily late payment fee.

16f)I agree NOT to disclose or reteach the 1-1 information/class choreography/service plans of working with Beckie Hughes LTD and to direct all outsiders to Beckie Hughes LTD themselves.

16g)I formally agree NOT to disclose or discuss prices or plans with other members or any other external bodies. Also, i formally agree not to share choreography and in other in house ideas with external bodies.

16h) Any 1-1 information, training plans, nutritional advice, mindset practices must NOT be discussed with any other trainer, client, or individual outside of Beckie Hughes LTD (this does not apply to dance classes).

16i) I agree to participate positively with other members of the team inside and outside of classes, with no negative/profound discussion or conflict.

16j) I understand that Beckie Hughes LTD is not responsible for any mental/emotional disorders or illnesses and may redirect a client to the correct professional if necessary to do so.

16k)I agree that breaking any of the above terms and conditions allows Beckie Hughes LTD to terminate the contract without any refund or notice.

I have read and understood the terms and conditions above and agree to abide by them. I have answered all the above questions to the best of my ability and understand the advice.

Your responses will, of course, be kept in the strictest confidence & all details will be protected under the Data Protection act of 1998. Please accept below to agree that you have read the above information and agree to the terms and conditions.